Happy 2020!

Whew!  Did a whole decade living the dream as a Kenai River fishing guide family really just slip by so quickly?  Suddenly we are realizing our children are much older than we figure they should be and we are noticing how time is leaving its mark upon our once youthful faces.  We celebrate the joyful years of laughter that are now firmly lined and etched in place but are not quite so excited about the liver spots a-la Montgomery Burns that have started showing up.  Certainly, it isn’t 2020 so soon…

On the other hand, we lived to see 2020!  Wow!  There have been times where I have seriously wondered, but here we are.  Back to the future!

Upper Kenai River in January
A crisp January morning on the beautiful Upper Kenai River.

We have recently settled into the most wonderful long winter’s nap.  We have seriously rested in the quiet comfort of a blessed hermitude, with plenty of time to reflect on our blessings, our joys, our mistakes, and lessons learned over the year.  It is with a feeling of renewal and refreshment that we greet this new time in front of us.  We can’t express how happy and excited we are to start another decade on the Mighty Kenai River working as a humble Kenai River Fishing guide service.  

Nautical chart of the British Virgin Islands

Now that it’s 2020, we figured it was probably time for our family to embark on a new adventure.  We will soon be underway on an exploratory mission in the Caribbean, doing some sailing and fishing.  We are happy to announce that we will be bringing Drift Worldwide videos back for another season to document and share this adventure with you.  Our format will be slightly different this go-round, though.  On our last big trip, we gained a huge appreciation for the wild amount of work and time involved in the effort of filming, editing, and producing videos.  Last time we were doing all this on the fly during our trip, and I must say it does take something away from the experience.  We will be filming during our travel adventures and then editing and producing when we get home this spring, so look for our next episodes early this summer.  We will keep you updated!

And speaking of updates, we will be posting a few updates here and there on the social media place.  We thank everyone for your feedback that you terribly miss seeing us on the social media, so we will try to interact a bit more this year.  As you know it is a love-hate relationship for us, but we will do our best!  

We hope this brand new year and decade ahead bring you all joy, peace, good health, and happiness.  The possibilities are amazing; may all your dreams come true!

We will be chasing Kenai River rainbow trout together again in no time. Take care XO


The Pearsons